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Uppercase Fridge Alphabet Magnet - Classic

Uppercase Fridge Alphabet Magnet - Classic

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What kid doesn’t love playing with fridge magnets! These make for an easy learning tool when they’re already engaged & having fun playing with the magnets. Have fun spelling your names or certain words, having them pick out certain letters or simply just allow them to play & get used to recognizing the letters on their own.

Set comes with 26 letters in a drawstring bag for easy storage/clean up! If we’re thinking Christmas already, these would make a perfect stocking stuffer! 

This set is laser engraved, cut & sanded to a smooth finish.

Please be advised that although we do our best to hand select the best possible wood, we cannot control imperfections such as knots, grain, colour and other naturally occurring imperfections. These imperfections are part of the natural beauty of handmade wooden toys. 

*All items are made to order, please anticipate a two week turn around time*

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