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Glossy Marble Bronze - Please follow size scale below, or Sizing & Fit tab.

Our new Adult slippers features the same premium grade Portuguese cork fabric as our baby soft sole slippers and are PETA-certified Vegan. The Signature SoftSoul Footwear outsole is designed for indoor, light outdoor wear and are the embodiment of all-day comfort and warmth. The lining will pack down and mold to the shape of your foot to provide a comfortable, custom fit.

Slight irregularities in color and texture may occur due to variations in natural materials. Our luxurious 100% cork upper and the light, flexible signature SoftSoul Footwear cushioned sole will provide you comfort all year long.

Our premium Portuguese cork is natural and renewable (extracted from the cork-oak tree every 9 years). Our cork is a breathable insulating material, free from any chemicals, synthetic resins or carcinogenic materials, which contributes for a healthy environment. It's soft and supple just like leather, but it's scratch proof, stain-resistant and even resistant to flames.