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Décor & Throw Pillows

Décor & Throw Pillows

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These portable pillows are a great cuddle buddy, a part of Canada’s best wool bedding designed to be soft and squishy, an optimal cushion for your toddler or travelling. Wool is a sustainable material with natural properties scientifically proven to support your overall health, an exceptional heat-regulating pillow and wicking away moisture. Anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties inhibit the growth of bacteria, mould and mildew, keeping you naturally healthier, dryer and cleaner than any other pillow on the market.  

Not only will our wool pillow be your toddler's favourite soft and cushy pillow, but when you buy a Revolution wool product you support Canadian fiber farmers and our local economy. As always 100% proudly grown, milled and made in Ontario Canada!


14 x 20" and 20 x 20"

Custom designs and sizes available. Please contact us and we be happy to create something special for you.

Other sizes are available here


Throw Pillow Insert:

Loose Wool Filling: 100% Canadian wool from our family farm 

Case: 100% Cotton STANDARD 100 by Oeko-Tex

Decorative Case

Case: 100% pure wool blanket fabrics or thrifted wool fabrics

Wood Buttons: Handmade from @thewoodlot


Caring for a wool pillow is easy: 

Regular maintenance,  

Recommend every 1-3 months. Adding one or more pillowcases help keep the cotton casing and wool filling clean.

Zippered pillows

  1. Remove the wool filling unfold and air out in the sunshine (outside or indoors). Some natural oils from the sheep remain in the wool after processing, you may notice a gentle scent. We love adding a few drops of essential oils (our favourite is lavender) for added freshness. 
  2. Wash cotton casing with regular laundry 
  3. Wool pillows naturally compress 20-30%, for the original loft fluff the wool or remove some filling to suit your unique needs. Before folding and placing back in the cotton casing.  

Removing the filling for non-zippered pillows, 

  1. Open a generous seam in the side of the pillow to remove the wool filling
  2. After performing steps 1-3 above 
  3. Resew the open seem used to remove the wool filling.

Deep cleaning (recommended only for spills or when your pillow is very dirty)

  1. Keep wool filling inside the cotton casing 
  2. Fill a large sink or bath with lukewarm water adding a small amount of only Eucalan detergent (available here, It is important to use wool-specific detergent when washing wool for a proper clean and condition.)
  3. Gently press your pillow to submerge, and allow to soak for 15 min
  4.  Repeat a gentle pressing and squishing motion up and down in the water. Ensure you never agitate wool, this will cause the wool to felt becoming clumpy!
  5. Rinse with lukewarm water and repeat the same gentile squishing motion until water runs clear.
  6. Squeeze out as much water as possible, use a towel to remove excess. 
  7. Remove the filling, unfold hang to air dry, machine dry cotton casing with regular laundry.   

Soaking and rinsing steps 3-5 in a top load washing machine

  1. Keep wool filling inside the cotton casing 
  2. Set machine to use cold water
  3. Add a small amount of Eucalan detergent (available here)
  4. Allow the pillow to go through the soak and spin cycle 
  5. Follow steps 6-7 above. 

Please ensure you follow these instructions as carefully as possible, it is important to always use only lukewarm water be gentle and never agitate wool. This will always cause the wool to felt and become clumpy.


Why wool? 

  • Regulates body temperature
  • Breathable, wicking excess moisture away
  • Anti-bacterial & anti-microbial 
  • Inhibit the growth of bacteria, mould and mildew
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Resists dust mites
  • Resists odours
  • Durable & long-lasting
  • Natural fiber
  • Renewable resource
  • Biodegradable 
  • Fire resistant
  • Easy to care for
  • Naturally cleans the air

Why you love us? 

  • Supporting local farmers and community
  • Animal welfare, our sheep are a part of the family! 
  • 100% Proudly Canadian wool
  • High-quality standards
  • Our wool is grown and shorn on our family farm in Canada Ontario
  • Home to Canada’s best wool bedding!

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