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Barkley Sound | Essential Oil

Barkley Sound | Essential Oil

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Discover the warmth of Barkley Sound's custom coastal blend, featuring pure essential oils like clove, cardamom, sandalwood and roasted coffee beans. Elevate your space with the inviting aroma of chai spices, perfect for diffusers in your home or office. Immerse yourself in the comforting aroma of Barkley Sound, it's cozy blend creates an atmosphere of spiced relaxation.

Recommended use: 
Mindfully add 5 to 20 drops into your diffuser (less or more for desired strength)


All blends are 100 % natural, pure and are made using ethically sourced, plant based ingredients. Our goods are crafted in small batches on Vancouver Island.

45 ml

Handmade in Tofino on TLA-O-QUI-AHT land.

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