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001 Stack Burner

001 Stack Burner

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Designed to elevate the ritual of burning incense, the 001 Stack Burner consists of three separate tiers. Smoke meditatively emerges from the cover vent, evoking a peaceful ambiance in any room. When not in use, the 001 Stack Burner presents a bold decorative presence through its form. Hand finished.

  • Top - lid with perforated vent
  • Middle - includes a rest that holds up to 3 sticks and catches incense ashes
  • Bottom - storage for extra incense sticks

The burners in the in-situ photos are with natural patina, hence the difference in colouring.

Incense is not included.


Polished brass, hand finished.

The surface will develop a beautiful patina over time.


L 18cm / 7in
W 5.5cm / 2.25in
H 4.8cm / 2in


Wipe with damp cloth. Use brass (metal) cleaner as necessary.

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