Welcome, Canadian friends!

Port Parcel Co. is a Canadian gift boutique stocking beautiful, high-quality products exclusively sourced from Canadian companies.
We are experiencing continued growth and are always looking for the next great Canadian product!
We have had the opportunity to partner with dozens of new Canadian suppliers this year alone through our new dropshipping processes.
Join us - and become a valued part of the new standard in Canadian gifting.

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a fast-growing trend in the retail industry. It means that Port Parcel Co. lists a supplier's products on our site without purchasing and physically storing them. When a customer order is placed with Port Parcel Co., the order is pushed out to the supplier for fulfillment, Port Parcel Co. pays the supplier, and the order is shipped directly to the customer.

How does it work?

We currently have three app options for coordinating our dropshipping:

  1. Syncee: This app syncs a supplier's inventory and product descriptions from their Square or Shopify platform to ours, so updates happen automatically. The app also allows us to push the orders out to suppliers, and to pay the suppliers once an order is placed. The supplier can choose which products they want to dropship and can set their own margins.
  2. Convictional: Pretty much works the same.
  3. Shopify Collective: This is a brand new app that Shopify is rolling out so it is only available to certain Shopify merchants. We can send you an invite to see if your store is compatible. It performs all of the same functions as the apps above and our suppliers have indicated that it is the easiest to implement (literally 10 minutes in some cases).

What about shipping costs?

This is the most common question we get! Suppliers set their own shipping rates, so that the cost of shipping is transferred to Port Parcel Co. (and on to our customers if we choose).

Advantages to dropshipping

The environment

Dropshipping significantly reduces our footprint by cutting out the unnecessary intermediary shipment & packing supplies.

Exposure for suppliers

Port Parcel Co. has a growing customer base across Canada, and a healthy budget for advertising and continued growth.

Inventory selection

Dropshipping allows us to offer a far greater selection of inventory than we would if we purchased wholesale up front and physically stored inventory.

Increased margins

Since suppliers are fulfilling orders, Port Parcel Co.'s margin is most often much less than if we were purchasing wholesale at 50%.

You're in good company

We currently offer dropshipping from the following Canadian suppliers (just to name a few!):

  • Aria Home Decor
  • Deux par Deux
  • Purposeful Play NB
  • Lynn & Liana Designs
  • Sagely Made
  • All Circles
  • The Little Evergreen
  • Whiskey Rose Studio
  • Nahema Clay Co.
  • Luca Elle Boutique
  • AllyBeth Design Co.
  • Happiness Is Inc.
  • Pampas Gal
  • ialsomakethings
  • Maiden Voyage Cocktail Co.
  • Wrinkle and Crease Paper Products
  • Twig and Tassel
  • Fellize Jewellery
  • Oopsmark
  • Little Love Home Inc.
  • Cedarwick Co.
  • Estelle Studio
  • Kidamento
  • William Rae Designs

If you're a Canadian supplier who may be interested in pursuing dropshipping with Port Parcel Co., please get in touch!