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Crafted by hand in Toronto, Canada in memory of our beloved rescue Rottweiler named Piggy. She came to us in deplorable condition and still had a bullet in her neck. We got the bullet removed and plumped her up on a raw diet and we were lucky enough to have over a decade with her. She passed away during the pandemic and we decided to share the recipe we crafted for her paws as she suffered dryness from various health conditions as well as her refusal to wear booties. You can find Piggy’s Paw on all of our products (not to scale of course). 

The "big sister" to our premium 50ml PAW WAX, the 75ml also contains no added colours or fragrances because all natural is always better and pretty smells are pretty bad for dogs all in a bigger size. Our wax contains the best of the best ingredients that when combined both soothe and protect against the outside elements while also helping conditions due to disease or genetics (some of us are just born dry).  The wax has the same ingredient list as our beloved butter, but the formulation differs to act as more of a barrier against the elements.

Everything in the tin is organic: white beeswax, coconut oil, babassu oil, shea butter, sweet almond oil, sea kelp and vitamin e oil. Unscented and safe if ingested in small amounts.  There are no preservatives added to our natural products therefore the shelf life is limited, please use within one year of purchase.  Slight changes in texture happen from temperatures and environment but do not affect the efficacy or integrity of the product.

Apply to clean paws prior to walks to act as a barrier to both the elements and environment.  Apply after walks to clean paws to nourish and soothe dry, cracked paws.

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