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MANA Intention Beads | Matte Rose Quartz

MANA Intention Beads | Matte Rose Quartz

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Love + Forgiveness

Rose quartz derives its name from its pretty rose-pink colour. Used in love rituals and ceremonies for centuries, it remains the stone of the hopeless romantic and carries the soft, feminine energies of compassion, tenderness, and comfort. It also encourages forgiveness.

Wearing Rose Quartz is a great reminder to love yourself wholly before pouring your love into others. Also associated with the element of water, Rose Quartz’s properties are naturally fluid; wear these beads to help “wash out” toxic energies and emotions trapped within.

Cultivate mana for love and forgiveness every day with these beautiful beads. Simply write your intentions on the slips provided along with your jewellery, roll up the paper, and tuck it inside the stainless steel or solid brass capsule for safe-keeping.

  • Features brushed stainless steel cylinder and screw cap
  • Includes 5 intention slips
  • Hand strung beads and clasp
  • Lengths vary: 18cm - 19cm
NB: Due to the delicate nature of Rose Quartz, this stone's pink colour may lighten over time due to exposure to light and heat, but its healing properties will remain the same.

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