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Forest Bathing | Organic Botanical Soap

Forest Bathing | Organic Botanical Soap

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Forest Bathing Organic Botanical Bars of soap that will transform your daily routine into an invigorating forest experience. Infused with locally foraged spruce tips, coastal kelp, and clays, these botanical bars will nourish your skin and senses. Welcome the wilderness into your self-care routine and let it rejuvenate your body and soul.

 It's what's inside that counts:

Saponified Tofino foraged spruce tip infused olive oil, organic coconut oil, organic and ethically sourced palm oil, organic Canadian sunflower oil, raw and unrefined organic cocoa butter, Vancouver Island sea salt, French green, kaolin, and rhassoul clays, Vancouver Island sea salt, with kelp and spirulina powders, and our coastal blend of forest bathing is made using pure essential oils of vetiver, sandalwood, pine, fir, cedarwood, and balsam. 

 Bars have been sliced into 5-ounces bars. For soap longevity, please keep the bar out of water when not in use.


Mindfully made by hand in small batches from the small surf town of Tofino on Vancouver Island. Botanical bars are vegan, and made using ethical and 100 % natural, plant powered ingredients. 

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