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Floral Butterfly Suncatcher

Floral Butterfly Suncatcher

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Make beautiful rainbows all around your room!

Window cling is removable and reusable making it easy to move around from window to window to find the perfect rainbow spot!

Approximately 5.75 inches x 4 inches 

How to Use:

Peel backing film off of the window cling. This step is very important,
otherwise your cling will not stick!

Ensure window is clean before application.

Add a small amount of water to window as well as cling. A spray bottle
works well for this step!

Apply cling to window, smoothing out bubbles and excess water.

Sit back and enjoy the rainbows! 🌈

Cling can easily be removed and reused multiple times, leaving no residue!

If window cling begins to curl, place under a heavy object such as a book to help flatten, and then reapply to window.

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