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Exfoliating Glove For Face

Exfoliating Glove For Face

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Natural Exfoliating Glove For Face


No need for harsh chemical exfoliants or apricot scrubs that irritate the skin. No additional products required either, all you need is your mitt and warm water! 💧

Transform your skin and wake up every day with the feeling of a soft, smooth, and flawless face! Exfoliate away your dry and flaky skin, clogged pores and acne scars with the Mery & Mev Glam Exfoliating Silk Face mitt! Enjoy the gentle, yet deep exfoliation and refreshment of your skin with 100% Premium Raw Turkish Silk. 

Natural Face Exfoliator 🌱

This authentic Turkish exfoliating glove, or Kese, has been used in Turkish baths or Hammams for centuries. Experience an invigorating exfoliation treatment with an authentic Turkish Kese exfoliating silk glove.

Designed for sensitive skin, recommended for everyone.

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