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Crib Mattress- Organic Cotton Fabric

Crib Mattress- Organic Cotton Fabric

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If you're searching for a crib mattress that strikes the perfect balance between quality and affordability, your search ends here. The Organic Cotton Crib mattress is your accessible solution to superior quality. Handcrafted with care in Vancouver, CANADA. This mattress is a testament to quality and tranquillity, designed to offer your little one the perfect night's sleep. It’s certified CertiPUR Canada-made foam core provides superior contouring support and its breathable ORGANIC cotton zipper cover offers complete comfort.


Why choose the Organic Cotton Crib  Mattress:

Premium Comfort: This mattress is expertly engineered to provide optimal comfort for your toddler's needs. It offers just the right balance of support and confines to cradle your little one in blissful slumber.

Safety First: Rest easy knowing that your baby is sleeping on a mattress that meets the highest safety standards. Our crib-sized mattress is rigorously tested and certified to ensure it's free from harmful chemicals and materials.

Hygienic and Breathable: We understand that cleanliness and airflow are essential for your baby's well-being. This mattress features a breathable organic cotton zipper cover that promotes proper ventilation, preventing overheating and protection from bacteria and other allergens.

CertiPUR: With the CertiPUR-US® program seal of approval, rest assured that you are safeguarding yourself, your loved ones, and the planet, offering you the ultimate peace of mind.

Sleek Design for Compatibility: The sleek design of our mattress is purposefully crafted to fit comfortably into our Apple Crib Floor Bed. It seamlessly complements our innovative floor bed, ensuring a harmonious blend of style and functionality.

Affordable Choice with Great Quality: The Organic Cotton Crib mattress is the perfect choice if you want a high-quality mattress that doesn't break the bank. It ensures optimal temperature control and total protection from bacteria and other allergens, prioritizing your baby's health and well-being.


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