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Apothecary Vase

Apothecary Vase

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These beautiful amber glass bottles make for the perfect addition to any counter space. Combine a few naturally dried florals into a small bouquet and pair it with these vases to create a homey, warm, and natural look to the corners of your home.

These pair great with our pr-arranged bouquets: Mini Bouquets (6 oz), or The Cloud (8 oz or 16 oz).
They also pair well with the following dried florals: Dried Lavender, Baby's Breath, Bunny Tails, Cotton Balls, Small Pampas (Brown or White) or Wheat Tails.

The possibilities are endless! Style it with a book, leather tray, and an aromatic candle. Please be cautious when placing flammable dried florals adjacent to candles.


4 oz.

11.3cm H x 4.9cm W
Diameter: 1.4cm

8 oz.
13.8cm H x 6.0cm W
Diameter: 1.7cm

16 oz.
16.9cm H x 7.5cm W
Diameter: 1.9cm

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