Holiday gift guide for dad

Happy holidays!

There are so many things to do during the Christmas season that sometimes people get missed on your shopping list, or a present is pieced together at the last minute. We’re here to make sure Dad, step-dad, grandfather or honorary dad get a thoughtful Canadian gift.

  1. Men’s Lake Life Crew Sweat Shirt

This sweatshirt is both warm and thin so the man in your life doesn’t overheat. It’s made in Canada by a brand we love called Happiness Is Inc. We can promise that the smile he’ll have when he puts this on will be one of pure delight.

  1. Cedar & Resin Coasters

These coasters definitely have the wow factor because of the sheer craftsmanship and detail. We can personally attest that these coasters keep all surfaces dry as well as stun during cocktail hour - especially under ambient lighting.

  1. Oak & Whiskey Round Dough Bowl Candle

This candle smells amazing whether it’s lit or not. It’s a wonderfully masculine scent that inspires warmth, coziness and pleasure. This is a candle that can scent an entire house if placed correctly and we’re sure Dad has an idea for that!

All of these beautiful products are sure to appeal to fathers of all trades because they are locally made, finely crafted and above all because they came from you. Here at Port Parcel Co. we believe that gifting done right is the best effort there is, and Dad will definitely take notice.

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